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We always do our best to look after you but occasionally things happen that are beyond our control. 

Mobile Tech Collect Ltd does not take responsibility for lost data when a device is submitted for repair. Where possible, we will backup data from your device, if this is not possible we will not be held responsible for data loss when repairing the device. Regular backups are the customers responsibility.  

You will be notified when your device is repaired and ready for collection.


We will keep the device for 90 days. Uncollected items will be sold to cover the cost of the repairs and the remaining funds retained for an additional 90 days should the customer return.

Warranty on parts is 12 Months starting on the date of repair.

Warranty only covers the specific parts replaced, any future problems deemed by Mobile Tech Collect Ltd to be unrelated to the original repair are not included in the warranty.

Mobile Tech Collect Ltd will not accept responsibility for any customer data lost due to failures under warranty, data is always the customers responsibility.

Please be aware that occasionally when an item is dismantled for repair further damage becomes apparent and may mean the device cannot be repaired or re-assembled, Mobile Tech Collect Ltd does not accept any responsibility for this occurrence although we will endeavour to help as much as possible. 

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